There is no annual bills or extra out of pocket expense.  Do not purchase products claiming to be us asking for annual fees or monthly bills. It is a scam!


Purchases made on Amazon or ebay after 2/27/2017 are no longer covered under warranty, supported, and will be shut off.

Any purchases from these sites previous to 2/27/2017 will be fully covered and supported. We no longer allow sales on these sites for several reasons which included sellers sending out knock off units, not including KODI BOOST,  LIVE TV, offering no support or directions with units and giving zero customer service.

If you are having problems or your box is not working properly. Please make sure you download allupdates for your StreamSmart tv box.   Please be sure to REGISTER your unit for service and support.

**** TRADE IN YOUR OLD SYSTEM AND UPGRADE TO OUR MAXED SYSTEM FOR LIMITED TIME! $250.00 UPGRADE [email protected] for more information

StreamSmart TV is an internet streaming Tv device that you connect to your television set. StreamSmart Tv will deliver unlimited Movies, Tv Shows, Sports, News, Live Tv and adult content in 1080p 4k 3d definition in the living room of your house. There is no  monthly or annual cable or satellite bills! No Subscriptions! All you need is internet.


$599.99  SALE! $449.99   +  Free Shipping! + Free Updates + Advanced Tech Support

The new 6th generation StreamSmart STI is cutting edge delivering unparalleled performance and streaming capabilities! Enjoy TV like you never have before! The new STI Chipset will process 3DES encryption for the latest cutting edge add ons using encrypted networks getting you more content then ever before while maintain the most secure environment possible.

StreamSmart PRO S6 4k Series 6 Model ! + KODI BOOST! 

$599.99  SALE! $349.99   +  Free Shipping! + Free Updates + Advanced Tech Support

StreamSmart S4 1080P Series 4 Model! + KODI BOOST 


StreamSmart Tv  is an excellent travel companion! Miss your local news from your favorite city? Tired of watching the same old boring movies in your hotel? staying in a low budget place and they have a very minimal channel selection? The StreamSmart Tv is for you! Simply bring the device with you anywhere you want! All you need for StreamSmart Tv is a television, electricity, and internet. Great for use in a camper traveling across the country, or on a boat sailing the open ocean .  A Wifi hot spot makes it super easy watch  movies, tv shows, news, and much much more. with our quad core CPU and Penta core GPU great compression codecs keeping your data to a minimal!

Wireless RF Backlit Keyboard Mouse Upgrade! $39.99

Wireless RF Backlit Keyboard Mouse Upgrade! $39.99